Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Do you have a case or cases that scares you?  Why not try settling it?

I welcome any opportunity to assist you in settling your cases through CUMMINS MEDIATION SERVICES.

In addition to my own personal experience of sitting through innumerable settlement conferences as a law clerk for Judge Harold A. Thomson, Jr. of Pike County at the beginning of my career, I have also participated in successful Mediations over the past 17 years as both a litigator and as a Mediator in the Federal Middle District Court Mediation Program.  I have additionally attended many continuing legal education courses in an effort to further hone my skills and tools related to fostering ongoing negotiations at Mediations.  I have continued to develop these skills at numerous successful Mediations scheduled through Cummins Mediation Services.

To schedule a Mediation, please contact me at or at 570-346-0745.

Resume and fee schedule available upon request.

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