Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tort Talk is Being Picked Up for Syndication

I am proud to note that I was recently contacted by Newstex, an online syndication company, who advised that they had reviewed Tort Talk and determined that it would be a good fit for online syndication with Newstex.

Newstex ( is an online aggregator of real-time news, content, commentary and Twitter tweets that serves customers in the academic, financial, government, and entertainment markets. Clients of Newstex tap into the syndication and distribute it by delivery to its own end-users on the internet.

Basically, with respect to blogs, Newstex takes in blog posts from many different blogs hand-picked by Newstex, and combines it into one syndication making it easier for Newstex's clients to digest the information offered.

Among Newstex's clients are companies such as LexisNexis. Accordingly, my hope is that, by syndicating with Newstex, Tort Talk will gain wider exposure through those people who use LexisNexis or through those people who subscribe to any of Newstex many other clients.

In the meantime, this syndication will have no impact on the content of this blog or the continued free access by anyone on the internet who wants to view the blog. Most importantly, it won't have any impact on my current subscribers or any new subscribers I may generate. Rather, this is only an avenue to gain more exposure to the blog which will hopefully result in new attorney contacts and insurance company clients.

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