Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Need Help Bringing Your Case to a Close? Consider CUMMINS MEDIATION SERVICES

Need help bringing your case to a close?  Please consider trying Cummins Mediation Services.  Fee schedule available on request.

Please contact me at dancummins@CumminsLaw.net to set up your Mediation.

Here is an Alphabetical List of just some of the  Firms that have retained Cummins Mediation Services to help them bring their case(s) to a close, along with attorneys in those firms you could contact for a reference regarding their experience with a Cummins Mediation Service proceeding:

Abrahamsen, Conaboy & Abrahamsen
    (James J. Conaboy, Esq.)

Blake & Walsh
    (Brian J. Walsh, Esq.)

Cefalo & Associates
    (Karl Kwak, Esq.)    

Cipriani & Werner
    (Anthony W. Hinkle, Esq.)

Caputo & Marriotti
    (Christopher P. Caputo, Esq.)

Fisher & Fisher
    (Joe Kulesa, Esq.)

The Foley Law Firm
    (Thomas J. Foley, III)

Germain Law Offices
    (Greg Germain, Esq.)

Haggerty, Hinton & Cosgrove
    (Michael Cosgrove, Esq.)

Law Offices of Leo P. Jackson
    (Leo P. Jackson, Esq.)

Kilpatrick, Hughes & Mashinski
    (Jim Kilpatrick, Esq.)

Lenahan & Dempsey
    (Timothy G. Lenahan, Esq.)

McCormick & Priore
    (Scott J. Tredwell, Esq.)

Powell Law
    (Bruce Zero, Esq.)

Law Offices of Kathleen A. Walsh
    (Kathleen A. Walsh, Esq.)

Please consider joining those Firms and attorneys who have had success settling cases with Cummins Mediation Services.  Call Dan Cummins at 570-319-5899 today to schedule your next Mediation.  Thank you.

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