Thursday, July 20, 2017

Link To Interesting Article on the Evolution of Self-Driven Vehicles To Date

The advent of self-driven vehicles appears to be upon as as the technology continues to be developed.

Here is a LINK to an interesting article written by noted liability expert Steven M. Schorr and Joseph R. Fowler entitled "Self-Driven:  The Path Towards Autonomous Vehicles."  In this article, Mr. Schorr and Mr. Fowler provide a history of the evolution of motor vehicles towards the eventual introduction of self-driving vehicles to the public.

According to the article, the technology still needs to be developed substantially further before truly autonomous vehicle will be set loose on the roadways.

But there may come some day when auto law practitioners and the courts in Pennsylvania will have to grapple with new legal issues that may arise out of motor vehicle accidents involving autonomous vehicles.  These issues may include the liability of the person "operating" such vehicle as well as potentially products liability issues with respect to the technology involved.

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