Friday, July 21, 2017

Copy of Facebook Decision in Clapsadle Case Secured

A copy of the Facebook Discovery decision in the case of Clapsadle v. Barkman, No. 2015-1896 (C.P. Franklin Co. Sept. 15, 2016) has been secured and has been added to the Facebook Discovery Scorecard on Tort Talk.

The decision can be accessed online HERE.

I send thanks to Attorney Matthew S. Crosby of the Harrisburg, PA law firm of Handler, Henning & Rosenberg, LLP for providing me with a copy of this decision.

The Facebook Discovery Scorecard can always be accessed by going to and scrolling down the right hand column and clicking on the date noted under "Facebook Discovery Scorecard."  There are Links to all of the Facebook decisions noted on that Scorecard. 

Here is a shortcut LINK to the Facebook Discovery Scorecard for your easy reference.

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