Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Trial Court Allows a Plaintiff To Consolidate Entirely Separate Accident Claims

In the case of Swalinski v. Forsythe, 2012-SU-1529-69 (York Co. Aug. 5, 2014), the York County Court of Common Pleas followed the prior decision of Judge Wettick in Jackson v. Drew and allowed a Plaintiff to pursue personal injury claims arising out of two separate motor vehicle accidents in a consolidated fashion.

The accidents involved in Swalinski occurred in the same county about two weeks apart and involved the similar injuries.   The Swalinski court granted a Plaintiff's motion to consolidate two cases involving the same injured Plaintiff against two different tortfeasors. 

Anyone wishing to view this Swalinski decision may click this LINK.

The prevailing Plaintiff's attorney in this matter was Abbie Trone, Esq., of the Harrisburg law firm of Schmidt Kramer.  I send thanks to Attorney Scott Cooper of the same firm for bringing this decision to my attention.

To view the Tort Talk blog post on Judge Wettick's decision on the same issue in the case of Jackson v. Drew along with a link to that case, please click HERE.

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