Friday, July 11, 2014

Follow-Up to Post on New Barrick Rule of Civil Procedure - Not Effective Until August 9, 2014

In follow-up to yesterday's post on the amendment to the Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 4003.5 that incorporates the Barrick bright-line rule precluding discovery of communications between attorneys and their experts, it is noted that the Rule does not go into effect until August 9, 2014 as per the Supreme Court Order on the matter.  See HERE.

As such, the full search for the Truth of claims and defenses presented still has a few days left in Pennsylvania civil litigation matters.

Might be a good idea to postpone any trial depositions of experts you currently have scheduled to beyond August 9, 2014 so you can take full advantage of the Rule and prevent opposing counsel from reviewing any attorney communications to the expert that may be contained in the experts file.

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