Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Current Status of Tort Reform Efforts in Pennsylvania

Here is a LINK to a Law Review article recently published by Attorney Scott Cooper of the Harrisburg law firm of Schmidt Kramer and Lara Antonuk, a graduate of Widener Law School
Scott B. Cooper, Esq.
Schmidt Kramer
entitled "The Royal Nonesuch:  How Tort Reformers are Pulling One Over on Pennsylvania," which outlines the writers' analysis of the current status of Tort Reform efforts in Pennsylvania.

Obviously, I do not agree with this Plaintiff's perspective on Tort Reform and the republication of the article here is not an endorsement of the same. 

I did, however, find it to be an excellent piece of legal writing in terms of clarity and with regards to the thorough history provided with respect to the joint and several liability law in Pennsylvania.  I thought it worthy of passing along in that regard.

It is noted that Attorney Scott Cooper will be a featured presenter at the upcoming Tort Talk Expo 2014 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Wilkes-Barre, PA on September 26, 2014.  To register for the Tort Talk Expo, please click this LINK.  To book a hotel room at the Mohegan Sun Casino and Hotel for the event, click HERE.

Here is a LINK to the Agenda for the Tort Talk Expo 2014 - Hope to see you there.

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