Monday, February 3, 2014

South Jersey Is Distinct From North Jersey

I digress from the law this morning to make an important point.....

As a native SOUTHERN New Jerseyan (please don't tell anyone I originate from New Jersey), I am once again compelled to point out that most, if not all, negative news coming out of Joisey or about Joisey originates from NORTH JERSEY.

For example, "The Housewives of New Jersey," "Jerseylicious," "Jersey Shore" (most of those characters were from New York!), and now......Governor Christie and his latest news, all hail out of North Jersey.  Governor Christie was born in Newark (North Jersey) and grew up in Livingston (North Jersey).

In contrast, other than an inordinate amount of yellow Iroc-Z Camaros driving around back in the 80's, in my humble and biased estimation South Jersey is the better half of the state.


Such notable people originating from South Jersey include actor Michael Landon, Olympian Carl Lewis, Actor John Forsythe, Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco to name a few.  The great poet Walt Whitman lived in South Jersey the latter part of his life.  And don't forget Lucy the Elephant.

Simply put, South Jersey has a different feel, a different kind of people, doesn't have a chemical odor in the air, and is the more green, suburban, natural, and open part of the state as opposed to being overly crowded, gritty, and grey. 

In large part, Southern Jerseyans lean towards Philadelphia ways, while North Jerseyans have more in common with a New York City style.

Not saying North Jerseyans are bad, just making a distinction that they're a different breed of New Jerseyan and, as a native Southern New Jerseyan, I personally favor and prefer that half of the Garden State.

Just sayin'.

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