Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Declines Opportunity to Address Household Exclusion Case

By Order only, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied a Petition for Allowance of Appeal in the case of Swarner v. Mutual Benefit Group, No. 793 MAL 2013 (Pa. Feb. 19, 2014).

Tort Talkers may recall that, at the Superior Court level, the court in Swarner  reviewed the Household Exclusion in an automobile insurance policy in the context of an application of the Utica Mutual factors as to whether or not an injured party was “occupying” a vehicle at the time of the accident.
For more details, here's the LINK the Tort Talk blog post on the Superior Court's decision in Swarner.  The blog post contains a link to that Opinion.

I send thanks to Steve Mahan, Esq., Law Clerk at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg, LLP for bringing this case to my attention.  Attorney Matthew S. Crosby of that office handled the Swarner case.

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