Thursday, January 26, 2012


There are now over 750 email subscribers to Tort Talk--and that number doesn't even include those who get Tort Talk by way of an RSS Feed.

I write to say Thank You Very Much for reading and for tipping me off on new cases of note from around the Commonwealth.  I really appreciate it.

Please be reminded that there are a number of tools available at the Tort Talk site ( for you to go back and review cases and updates you may recall reading about previously in your emails.

On the site, down on the right hand column, is the always accessible Post-Koken Scorecard and the newly created Facebook Discovery Scorecard.

Further down on the right hand column is a section called "Labels."  That's a tool that you can use to find cases or articles on a specific topic. By clicking on the Label that's specific to your research, you will be sent to a page that list each and every Tort Talk post that touches upon that topic. You can then click on each title to read further.

Another way to conduct research on a particular topic is to use the "Search This Blog" tool that is closer to the top of the right hand column of the blog. By typing in your search term in the white box (delay damages, limited tort, slip and fall, or a case name, etc.), you will be sent to a page that will list each Tort Talk post that mentions that topic. You can then click on each post to read further.

Down on the right hand column of the blog is also a box under the Label "My Published Articles" in which are listed some of the most recently published articles of mine that have been posted online at the website. If you are looking for older articles you can always click on the JDSupra box to go to that site where a full listing of the articles can be accessed and searched.

Last but certainly not least, down on the right hand column is a list of "Links" I have created to other sites, including my Firm's website and other online professional profiles I have created along with links to some other legal and non-legal-related websites and blogs that may be of interest.

Thanks again for reading Tort Talk. I am grateful for your interest and support. If I should be able to provide you with any assistance on any matters you may have in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region where I practice, or if I can possibly help out in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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