Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am taking a year-end moment to say "Thanks" to all the email subscribers and readers of Tort Talk and to send you my Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.

In addition to providing updates on the law, an obvious goal of starting this blog was to attempt to obtain increased exposure and new contacts for myself and my firm, Foley, Cognetti, Comerford, Cimini & Cummins here in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

In this increasingly competitive insurance defense business, I was looking for a way to set myself and my firm apart from the other insurance defense firms covering matters up here in the Northeastern corner of Pennsylvania.

I am happy to report that the number of email subscribers to TORT TALK has ballooned to nearly 200 and TORT TALK has gained attention even outside of Pennsylvania with the syndication through Newstex as well as with being quoted in newspapers as far away as Maryland and New Orleans, Louisiana.

With this increased exposure comes the hope, on my part, that I will also be able to serve as insurance defense counsel or local counsel for new carriers and clients here in Northeastern Pennsylvania along with the continuing representation of my current clients. In that regard, I invite anyone needing such assistance to please contact me at dancummins@comcast.net. For more background information on my firm you can visit our website at http://www.foleycognettilaw.com/. For more background information on myself, I invite you to visit my online profile at http://www.avvo.com/attorneys/18503-pa-daniel-cummins-610885.html.

In 2010, I hope to continue to provide the periodic updates on Pennsylvania civil litigation law in the same straightforward manner that it appears the readers seem to enjoy and appreciate. Whereas other blogs and discussion boards venture into failed attempts at humor and inane commentary, I will continue to try to keep myself out of it for the most part and stick to the point. While this may prove to be dry reading at times, at least it won't be annoying.

I also note that the Pennsylvania Law Weekly, the statewide legal newspaper here in Pennsylvania, has asked me to increase my contributions of civil litigation articles to them up to one per month. I will give that a shot and will be sure to highlight those articles here on the blog as well after they have appeared in the Law Weekly.

So thanks again for following Tort Talk and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to you all.

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