Sunday, December 6, 2009

Claim Rep Pet Peeves

I am thinking of devoting a future article for the Pennsylvania Law Weekly to a recitation of Claims Rep pet peeves. Any ideas?

What do you dislike in terms of what your defense counsel do or don't do? What don't you like in terms of Plaintiff's attorneys? What don't you like in terms of dealing opposing claims reps from other carriers? I will keep all who respond anonymous in the article.

If you care to comment, please click on the word "Comment" below this post and type in what your pet peeves are or how your life can be made easier in the claims process. When you get to the "Comments" page you will see that you can post the comment anonymously if you so choose.

Maybe this article will serve to eradicate or at least lesson the number of times your pet peeves arise if attorneys are educated as to what really irks you.

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