Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Validity of Part of Pennsylvania's Long-Arm Statute Going Up to the U.S. Supreme Court for Consideration

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to consider arguments in the Pennsylvania case of Mallory v. Norfolk Southern Railway about the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s law requiring out-of-state companies and corporations to submit to jurisdiction in Pennsylvania as a requirement when registering to do business in the Commonwealth.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that this law was unconstitutional late last year, finding that it violated due process principles.

The Tort Talk post on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision in the Mallory case, along with a Link to that decision, can be viewed HERE.

Source:  Article - "SCOTUS Takes Up Appeal Over Pa.'s Jurisdiction By Business Registration Law" by Max Mitchell of the Pennsylvania Law Weekly (April 25, 2022).

Source of image:  Photo by Brad Weaver on www.unsplash.com.

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