Monday, July 27, 2020

Pennsylvania Supreme Court To Address Whether Amazon Can Be Found Liable In Products Liability Claim

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to accept the issue certified to its attention by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Oberdorf v., No. 41 EM 2020 (Pa. 2020) on the issue of whether Amazon may be held strictly liable in a products liability case where the product that allegedly caused the injury was never possessed or owned by Amazon.

Here is a LINK to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's Order in which the Court stated the exact issue to be reviewed.

Source:  "Pa. Justices Agree to Take Up Amazon Products Liability Case From 3rd Circuit" by PJ D'Annunzio of The Pennsylvania Law Weekly (July 27, 2020).

UPDATE:  According to a September 23, 2020 article in the Pennsylvania Law Weekly, this case was settled and, therefore, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would not be addressing the question presented.

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