Saturday, July 11, 2020

A Successful Encore Presentation of the "Mediation/Arbitration Tips" Zoom CLE -- Would You Like Us To Present it to Your Group?

Another successful presentation of the "Mediation/Arbitration Tips" CLE via Zoom created by Daniel E. Cummins of Cummins Law and Cummins Mediation Services took place on Friday, July 10, 2020 for the benefit of the Luzerne County Bar Association.  

There were over 100 registrants in attendence for the seminar, which provided the audience with tips on how to improve one's chances for success at Mediations or Arbitrations.  I send thanks to all who attended the program.

The program received enthusiastically postive reviews following the program including comments such as "FABULOUS job!," "Truly awesome," and "You knocked this CLE out of the Park!"

The CLE Program and Powerpoint content was created by Daniel E. Cummins of Cummins Law, who provides mediation services through Cummins Mediation Services.  Attorney Cummins served as a moderator and presenter during the one hour program, which included the additional presenters of Judge Thomas Blewitt (ret.), Richard G. Fine, Esq., Thomas B. Helbig, Esq., Lucille Marsh, Esq., Judge Joseph Van Jura (ret.), and Judge Thomas I. Vanaskie (ret.), all of whom brought their ADR expertise to the program and offered additional excellent tips for improved appearances by litigators at both mediations and arbitrtations.

Excellent technical, digital, and video assistance was provided by JP Cardoni of Exhibit A.

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Anyone wishing to have this CLE presented to your group or Bar Association via Zoom in a one hour or 1.5 hour format may contact Dan Cummins at to arrange for the same.

Also, anyone hoping to bring their case to a close via a Mediation may please contact Attorney Dan Cummins at Cummins Mediation Services to schedule a Mediation.  Dates are available for August and September but are filling up fast! 

Contact Dan Cummins at 570-319-5899 or at to bring your case to a close.  Fee schedule and resume available upon request.

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