Monday, May 18, 2020

Jury Trial By Zoom Takes Place in Texas -- More to Come?

Here's a LINK to a news article by Nate Raymond entitled "Texas Tries a Pandemic First:  A Jury Trial by Zoom" which was posted on telling the story of what may have been the first jury trial in America by Zoom.  The summary trial, which was non-binding, involved an insurance dispute and took place in Texas.

The article also notes that other jurisdictions in America are moving towards allowing for jury selection to take place remotely if that procedure is agreed to by the parties.

Here's a LINK to another article on the same case providing more interesting details on the proceedings.  That article, entitled "Juror Walks Off to Take a Phone Call as Texas Tests First Jury Trial Via Zoom," appeared on and was written by Angela Morris

Is this the wave of the future?

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