Friday, May 3, 2019

Celebrating a Decade of Tort Talk

On tomorrow, the Tort Talk blog will turn 10 years old.  Tort Talk was born one very late night a decade ago after I had read some articles on a new form of writing that was coming into vogue called blogging and I took my then regular practice of compiling a running list of notable recent cases and trends on my computer and turned that practice into a blog for the benefit of all.

Here's a LINK to my very first post.

The blog continues on, going strong nearly 2,500 blog posts later.  There are now currently almost 2,000 Email Subscribers to the blog, better known, at least to me, as Tort Talkers.  Tort Talk has won some awards and recognition over the years, and has even been cited at times in trial court opinions around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, particularly with respect to the Post-Koken Scorecard.

Tort Talkers - I thank you for reading.  I thank you for your tips on new cases and trends. And I hope to continue to keep you interested and informed going forward.  Thanks very much.


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