Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Punitive Damages Claim Allowed to Proceed in Cell Phone Use Car Accident Case

Another Northampton County Court of Common Pleas case allowing claims for punitive damages to proceed beyond the preliminary objections stage in a case where the Plaintiff was rear ended by a defendant in an auto accident case during which the defendant was allegedly talking and/or texting on a cell phone while operating his vehicle at an excessive rate of speed.

To view this case of Lopez v. Wilson, 59 Northampton 812 (C.P. Northampt. Co. 2017 Murray, J.), click this LINK.

In this decision from the early part of last year (2017), the court provides a nice summary of the early cases on this particular issue.

Source: "Court Summaries" by Timothy L. Clawges in The Pennsylvania Bar News Vol. 28 No. 1 (Jan. 1, 2018).

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