Thursday, January 12, 2017

Make Choices to Make 2017 a Less Stressful Year

Here is a LINK to a blog post entitled "7 Ways Lawyers Can Handle Stress and Avoid Attorney Burnout" from the Legal Productivity Blog.

The post provides some good tips for keeping it all in balance--make time for exercise, close your eyes, clear your mind and meditate for a few minutes everyday, meet with friends for lunch.

Getting up off your butt more often is also recommended.  An easy way to do this is to stand up whenever you are talking on the phone at your desk.

Another good tip is to get rid of, or decline, troublesome clients--they are not worth the stress they cause and, in most cases, are never satisfied in any event.  To the extent you can't follow this advice, make a point to stand your ground and demand the respect (and payment) you are entitled to from the client.

Also, the post recommends making sure you don't skimp on vacation time.  We at the beginning of the year now--look at your calendar and plan those 2017 vacations or long weekends now while the calendar is a clean slate.

The post also recommends shifting your focus on the practice of law.  Think back to why you wanted to become a lawyer and feed off of that in your practice going forward

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