Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Superior Court Affirms Analysis for Motion For Remittitur

Some Tort Talkers may recall that the Montgomery Court of Common Pleas decision in the case of Carassai v. Echelmeier, No. 2007-CV-04081 (C.P. Mont. Co. Dec. 8, 2014, Rogers, J.), outlining the standard of review for a motion for remittitur, was summarized in a Tort Talk post at this LINK.  In that case, the jury had awarded a personal injury plaintiff $1 million dollars.

UPDATE:  The Pennsylvania Superior Court has affirmed the trial court's decision in a non-precedential opinion at Carassai v. Echelmeier, 2993 EDA 2014 (Pa.Super. Oct. 16, 2015 Bowes, Mundy, and Fitzgerald, J.)(Mem. Op. by Bowes, J.).  That decision, which outlines the current status of the law on such motions, can be reviewed HERE.

I send thanks to Attorney Charles W. Campbell, a solo practitioner in Norristown, PA for bringing this update to my attention.

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