Friday, May 15, 2015

ARTICLE: TO CALL OR NOT TO CALL: Dilemma Created by Unfavorable Expert Report

At times, a defense expert report unfavorable to the defense position comes in the mail that makes a case more troublesome, or in some cases, easier, to settle.  Where such a case instead proceeds to trial, a Defendant may choose not to call the IME doctor as a trial witness and issues arise over the extent to which a Plaintiff may attempt to utilize the defense expert's report to further the Plaintiff's case-in-chief.

An article of mine entitled "To Call or Not to Call: Dilemma Created by Unfavorable Expert Report" addressing these issues was recently published in the Spring 2015 edition of the Civil Litigation Update (Vol. 19, No. 2 Spring 2015) issued by the Civil Litigation Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Anyone wishing to review this article may click this LINK..

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