Friday, February 6, 2015

Villanova Law Review Article (Online Edition) on Social Media Discovery In Pennsylvania


Tolle Lege, the online edition of the Villanova Law Review, has published my Article entitled "'NEW WINE IN AN OLD BOTTLE':  THE ADVENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA DISCOVERY IN PENNSYLVANIA CIVIL LITIGATION MATTERS," 60 Vill. L. Rev. Tolle Lege 31 (2015).

Here is a LINK to view the Article online.  (When you get to that site, click on the "DOWNLOAD" button to get to the article).

I send great thanks to Hayley Lenahan, a Villanova University School of Law J.D. Candidate for 2015 and Managing Editor of Tolle Lege/Villanova Law Review for accepting my Article for publication.  I also send thanks to the Editorial Board of the Villanova Law Review for their excellent edits to the Article.

The Article outlines those Pennsylvania trial court decisions to date on the issue of Facebook discovery and other similar issues.   As of January, 2015, there have been no Pennsylvania appellate court decisions on these emerging issues.

The Article is considered to be innovative in that, if you click on the bolded case names in the Article, it will link and take you to the actual Opinions or Orders online.

The same can be said with respect to the listing of the cases on the Tort Talk Blog Facebook Discovery Scorecard, which can always be viewed by (1) going to, (2) scrolling down the right hand column, and (3) clicking on the date under "Facebook Discovery Scorecard."

As cited in the very first footnote in the Article, the title, "New Wine in an Old Bottle," was taken from the Opinion written by Judge Terrence R. Nealon in the Brogan case, which is an excellent decision to study to obtain a thorough analysis of this area of the law.

If you wish to secure a copy of this Villanova Law Review Article in PDF format, please use this LINK.

Should you happen to come across any other Social Media/Facebook Discovery decisions, and if you are willing, please email me a copy of the decision in order that the Facebook Discovery Scorecard on Tort Talk may be updated for the benefit of all.

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