Monday, December 16, 2013

Interesting Post-Koken UIM/Bad Faith Bench Trial Verdict Handed Down by Western Federal District Court of PA

Judge Terrence F. McVerry of the Federal Western District Court of Pennsylvania handed down an interesting Bench Trial Verdict by way of an Opinion in the Post-Koken UIM/Bad Faith case of Schifino v. GEICO, 2:11-cv-1094 (W.D. Pa. Dec. 13, 2013 McVerry, J.)

Tort Talkers may recall the Schifino case from prior noteworthy opinions in which the bad faith claim was severed from the UIM claim as well as another decision in which the court held that bad faith expert witnesses were not required in this context.

In this most recent decision, the court entered an award favor of the Plaintiff on the UIM claim but a defense verdict in the bad faith portion of the claim.

Anyone wishing to review a copy of this Opinion in Schifino may click HERE.

I send thanks to Attorney Joseph Hudock of the Pittsburgh, PA law firm of Summers McDonnell for bringing this case to my attention.

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