Thursday, October 31, 2013


I invite Defense attorneys to "dress up" as Plaintiff's attorneys in their mindset just for a moment on this Halloween day and picture the difficulties and pressures faced by attorneys on that side of the bar. 

I also invite Plaintiff's attorneys to don the costume of a defense attorney's mindset, if only for a brief moment, and think of the burdens and stress faced by defense attorneys. 
I then also invite all attorneys on both sides of the civil litigation bar "to be" claims professionals for Halloween for a moment in their minds today and realize the pressures and stresses faced by those individuals in their livelihood.

Similarly, all claims professionals are invited "to be" attorneys for a few moments as a Halloween costume and think of the responsibilities and strains that each profession imposes upon its participants day in and day out.
By being considerate of the position of others and by viewing the world from the perspective of the opposite side, we may all be reminded our way is not the only way and that we are all willing participants in the noble pursuit of the fair administration of justice and compensation in the civil litigation world. 
By working together in a reasonable and professional fashion, we can all strive to further this noble and honorable pursuit, uplift the reputation of the respective professions, and continue to ward off the scary thought of the alternative--the resolution of compensatory disputes in the absence of law and order.


Whew!.......enough of that heady stuff.  Now go raid your kid's Halloween bag for the good stuff.

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