Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Postscript to Yesterday's Post on NJ Decision and Van Halen Reference

In yesterday's post, I reviewed the decision out of New Jersey allowing the sender of a text message to be potentially held liable in a distracted driver case and, in doing so, suggested that that extension of the law was a bit of a stretch.

In offering this opinion, I made a reference to an extreme example of distracted driving possibly caused by blasting "Panama" by Van Halen and playing air guitar.

It has come to my attention that a number of readers were not aware that, if you clicked on the word "Panama" in that post, it would take you to that video and on a trip down memory lane back to the 80s.  I have edited the post to prompt people to click on that link.

Anyone wishing to review the post again and experience the post in full by taking that trip back to the 80s by clicking on "Panama," can click this LINK to go back to that post.

Thanks and enjoy (just make sure the volume's not too loud on your computer before you click!).

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