Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A NEW ERA DAWNS: Luzerne County Has Six New Judges (And a New D.A.)

Here is a link to an article in today's Times Leader by Sheena Delazio outlining the Luzerne County Judicial elections yesterday:

According to the unofficial results, the six new Luzerne County Judges, in order of top vote-getters, are:

Jennifer Rogers

Fred Peirantoni

Joseph Sklarosky, Jr.

Michael Vough

Dick Hughes

Lesa Gelb

According to the article, 'Hughes, 50, of Mountain Top, and Vough, 47, of West Pittston, are both longtime assistant district attorneys with their own private practices in which they concentrate on civil law.'

The article states that "Sklarosky, 42, of Mountain Top, has worked as a part-time assistant public defender and also has his own private practice."

The article additionally notes that 'Pierantoni, 53, of Dupont, has served for the past 20 years as a magisterial district judge in Pittston, while Gelb, 50, and Rogers, 44, have primarily worked as civil litigators, focusing on complex cases."

It is also noted that, in a stunning upset, incumbent District Attorney Jackie Carroll Musto, who had over 20 years experience as a prosecutor, apparently became another victim of the Luzerne County judicial scandal.   Stephanie Salavantis, who is only two years out of law school and who has never prosecuted a criminal case, prevailed in the election for District Attorney.

Photo:  Luzerne County Courthouse
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