Saturday, July 10, 2010

Compelling Commercial In Favor of Seatbelt Use

It should be well known from my prior blog posts and articles that I am a proponent of the argument that the ban against seat belt defense in civil litigation matters should be repealed under Pennsylvania law as a possible means of getting the last small percentage of non-compliant drivers and passengers to obey the law and protect themselves from greater injury or death.

I came across this ad on seatbelt use from the U.K. that was forwarded to me by an old college roommate of mine at Villanova who is a fomer cop himself who used to write out tickets to people for failing to use a seatbelt.

Hopefully this ad, which is getting good play on YouTube, also makes its way to the U.S. airwaves as it is pretty compelling and may cause people to think twice about going without buckling up:

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