Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post-Koken Scorecard Updated and Revised

I have updated and revised the "Post-Koken Scorecard" in anticipation to my two-part article set to come out in the Pennsylvania Law Weekly outlining the current status of the split of authority amongst the Pennsylvania trial courts on the issue of whether to consolidate or sever post-Koken claims.

My goal was to make it more coherent and "readable." Have I succeeded? The link to the Scorecard is down on the right hand column of the blog. If you are willing and able, please check it out and leave a comment down at the bottom of the post. In the alternative, please shoot me an email with any suggestions you might have to improve the page. My email is

In the meantime, please keep those post-Koken decisions coming. I think it is important that these trial court decisions be publicized in order to assist the bench and bar in trying to develop a consistent common law on the novel issues presented.

As will be emphasized in the upcoming Law Weekly articles, there have been instead splits of authority developing on many of the important issues in this arena giving rise to an ever-increasing need for appellate guidance.

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