Friday, May 7, 2010


Please be reminded that down in the right-hand column of this blog is the POST-KOKEN SCORECARD, where I have compiled the post-Koken cases, on various issues, that I have been able to uncover to date.

Please note that this compilation may NOT be exhaustive and there may be other cases out there. I would appreciate being notified of any other post-Koken cases you may be aware of, or may uncover in the future, so that they can be publicized and the bench and the bar can continue the effort to create a consistent common law in this area.

Note that the Post-Koken Scorecard was recently updated with the recent cases out of Philadelphia County in favor of the severance of the third party claims from the UIM claims, thereby furthering the split of authority on that issue in that County Court of Common Pleas alone. Also added to the list of the cases was the recent case of first impression Wabby decision by Judge Munley of the Federal Middle District Court on removal to federal court/remand to state court issues.

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