Thursday, March 25, 2010

Local Ordinance Passed In Allentown, PA Banning Hand-Held Devices While Driving

Following up on my recent article "Hang Up and Drive" (, concerning the legalities of the use of cell phone and texting devices while driving, I came across a recent article in the Morning Call, an Allentown newspaper, noting that, as of March 19, 2010, it's a crime to use your hand-held device to make a phone call, text or browse the Web while driving on Allentown's streets.

Under the ordinance, if someone is caught in the act during the first 30 days this ordinance is in effect, only a written warning will be received. Once the grace period ends, violators will face fines of $150 to $300.

The article noted that enforcement of the ban will most likely be in combination with another motor vehicle violation, such as speeding or ignoring a stop sign, but police are prepared to issue single violations for cell-phone use.

Motorists in Allentown may use hands-free devices. However, you may still have to handle your phone while dialing or answering a call, and that could lead to a ticket. City officials recommend pulling over to dial or answer a call.

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