Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Legislature Confirms Two New Judges to Luzerne County Bench

A March 17, 2010 article by Robert Swift in Scranton's The Times-Tribune reports that the Pennsylvania Senate confirmed the appointments of attorneys Joseph Van Jura and Lewis Wetzel to fill two vacancies on the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Bench. Both confirmations were by unanimous votes.

Van Jura is taking the spot vacated by former Judge Michael A. Toole who is going to prison and Wetzel will take the spot of former Judge Peter Paul Olszewski, Jr. who lost a retention bid in the last election.

Both new Judges have committed to serve out the interim term through the end of 2011 and have agreed not to run for retention at that time.

I personally disagree with the requirement that these new Judges, including recently appointed and confirmed Joseph Cosgrove, agree not to run for retention when their interim term is up. That's just another example of politics taking over where it shouldn't.

If these gentleman were worthy enough of being appointed, and if they do a good job on the bench, there should be no reason why they should be required to abide by an agreement not to run again. These are the type of high quality people we need to keep on the Bench.

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