Monday, August 24, 2009

Westlaw Citations for Recent Cases of Note

I was recently provided with the following Westlaw citations for the below recent cases of note. Thanks to James Beck, Esquire of the Dechert firm in Philadelphia for his efforts in pushing for these cases to be published on Westlaw.

The recent trivial defect premises liability case has been given the following Westlaw citation:

Melchiorre v. Lords Valley Xtra Mart, 2009 WL 2430339 (Pike Co. 2009)

Some of the recent trial court post-Koken opinions have also been given Westlaw citations as well:

Decker v. Nationwide, 2008 WL 6653069 (Lacka. Co. 2008)

Decker v. Nationwide, 2007 WL 6853118 (Lacka. Co. 2007)

Six v. Phillips, 2009 WL 2418861 (Beaver Co. 2009)

Jannone v. McCooey, 2009 WL 2418862 (Pike Co. 2009)

Gunn v. Auto. Ins. Co. of Hartford, 2008 WL 6653070 (Allegh. Co. 2008)

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