Friday, August 7, 2009

More Post-Koken Cases From Around the Commonwealth

I thank Katherine Douglas, Esquire, a Dickinson Law grad and current member of the Philadelphia law firm of Bennet, Bricklin & Saltzburg for bringing the following additional post-Koken decisions to my attention. I am working on getting copies of these opinions and/or orders.

Attorney Douglas noted that, consistent with the other previously noted cases on the consolidation of multiple claims issue, the following courts also refused to sever the claims against the tortfeasors from the claims against the carrier:

Richard Hess v. Cosgrove et al, Phila, July Term, 2008, no. 3708;

Kelly Hess v. Dickel, et al., Phila, October Term, 2008, no. 3220;

Fuhrman v. Frye and State Farm, Dauphin, 2008 CV 17687, and

Sellers v. Hindes and State Farm, Dauphin, 2009 CV 1989.

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