Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Congratulations To The Abington Heights High School Mock Trial Team -- Headed Back To States For Third Time in Four Years

Congratulations to the Abington Heights High School Mock Trial Team from Clarks Summit, PA who won their Trial last night at the Regionals to become not only a District Champion but also a Regional Champion in the competition.

The Abington Heights High School Mock Trial Team is now headed back to States for the third time in four years.

The Abington Heights High School Mock Trial Team won back-to-back State Championships in 2021 and 2022 and will try to soar again this year like the Comets they are!

Kudos to their Teacher Coaches, Jennifer Tarr and Amy Kelly, who have led the Team by reminding them at every trial that the Team is expected to be the humblest Team, the most kind Team, and the hardest working Team in the Competition.

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Mock Trial participation teaches students to analyze a given set of facts, to organize a presentation, to communicate effectively and think on their feet, and serves to build the student's self-confidence and public speaking capabilities. That is, the students are learning skills that will assist them in any career path they pursue going forward.

The Competition also helps lawyers and Judges who volunteer for the Competition by serving as Judges and Jurors by reminding all involved that a compelling Opening or Closing can be concisely stated, that objection battles and knowledge of the Rules of Evidence remain important to allow for a fair trial, and to give some lawyers a new perspective of what a trial looks like when that attorney is sitting in the jury box as a juror.

Surely, the learning experience for Judges and lawyers who participate in the Mock Trial Competition supports a revisiting of the proposal that Judges and lawyers should be allowed at least one CJE or CLE credit per year for participating in the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Mock Trial Program.  Such credits are allowed in several other states.

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