Thursday, July 13, 2023

A Beginners Glossary of AI and ChatGPT Terms by Judge Richard B. Klein (Ret.)

AI and ChatGPT have been taking over the headlines around the world, including within the legal field.  One article goes so far as to call this new Age as part of the "the Fourth Industrial Revolution."  

The Rules of Professional Responsibility regarding competence (Rule 1.1)note that lawyers have a duty to keep up with the changing ways.

To assist in that regard, here is a LINK to an excellent article by Superior Court Judge Richard B. Klein (Ret.) entitled "A Beginner's Glossary of AI and ChatGPT Terms:  Fifteen Key Terms For Lawyers" in which Judge Klein provides plain English definitions for common terms in this new field.

This article is republished here with the permission of Judge Richard B. Klein.  I send thanks to Judge Klein for allowing the republication of the article here for the benefit of the readers of the Tort Talk Blog.

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