Friday, December 16, 2022

HAPPY HOLIDAYS - Annual Holiday Gift From Tort Talk

Here is the LINK to a complimentary copy of the 161 paged 2022 Tort Talk Civil Litigation Update booklet that I created for use at my recent year-end civil litigation update CLE. 

The 2022 Tort Talk Civil Litigation Update is a compilation of the most notable Tort Talk posts over the past year or so and is offered here free of charge for the readers of Tort Talk.

If you wish to review the actual Opinion of any of the cases summarized in the Tort Talk 2022 Civil Litigation Update, please simply go to and type the case name, or the name of the Plaintiff, into the SEARCH BOX near the upper right hand corner of the blog (not the top box, the second from the top box).  That will take you to the Tort Talk post on that case, in which there should be a LINK to the actual Opinion.

I not that the PBI sells its annual Civil Litigation Update Booklet for approximately $69.00!  The Tort Talk Civil Litigation Update Booklet is FREE.

To the extent you may have a desire to pay it forward this holiday season, I would politely propose considering making a small donation to a charity or a non-profit organization such as Lackawanna Pro Bono or The Children's Advocacy Center, or send out some act or acts of kindness this holiday season and beyond.

Thanks for reading Tort Talk and and thank you for providing me with notable cases to highlight here on Tort Talk.  All is much appreciated.


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