Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Pennsylvania Superior Court Starts Pilot Program of Fully Remote Arguments

The Pennsylvania Superior Court is conducting a trial of fully remote Oral Arguments in this upcoming December as a test to determine the possible continued use of fully remote arguments in the future.  

To ensure public access, the Court has set up the arguments to be streamed live on

To present remote argument, counsel must execute and return a Motion for Leave to Appear Remotely at Argument.  See below for a Form for that Motion as created by the Superior Court.  The granting of the requests for remote Arguments are on a first come, first served basis.  It appears that there are 30 openings for remote Arguments for the December pilot program.

Here is a LINK to the Pennsylvania Superior Court's information page on this pilot program.  On that page you will find further links to the following:

-The Superior Court's Remote Argument Introduction Letter

-The Form Motion for Leave to Appear Remotely at Argument

-Superior Court Remote Argument Procedure page

-Amended Protocols for In-Person Arguments

Source:  Article: "Superior Court of Pennsylvania to Pilot Fully Remote Arguments," Pennsylvania Bar News. (Sept. 12, 2022).

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