Thursday, December 12, 2019

A HOLIDAY GIFT FROM TORT TALK: Complimentary Copy of the Tort Talk 2019 Civil Litigation Update Booklet

Here is a LINK to a complimentary copy of the 138 page Tort Talk 2019 Civil Litigation Update booklet that I created for use at the recent Luzerne Bench Bar Conference as well as for the Lackawanna County Bench Bar Conference.  (The PBI sells its Civil Litigation Update Booklet for $69.00!  The Tort Talk Civil Litigation Update Booklet is FREE.).

The Tort Talk 2019 Civil Litigation Update was created from the Tort Talk posts pertaining to notable decisions handed down over the past year or so and, as noted, is offered here free of charge for the readers of Tort Talk.

To the extent you may have a desire to pay it forward as they say, I would politely propose considering making a small donation to the Children's Advocacy Center in Scranton, your local Pro Bono/Legal Aid Office, or perhaps another charity of your choice in this Season of Giving.

The Children's Advocacy Center in Scranton is a private non-profitable charitable organization whose mission is to provide services in the assessment and treatment in abuse and neglect case involving children.  The Children's Advocacy Center is located at 1710 Mulberry Street, Scranton, PA 18510.  Here is a LINK to their website. 

Thanks for reading Tort Talk and and thank you for providing me with notable cases to highlight here on Tort Talk.  All is much appreciated.

I wish you Warm and Happy Holidays for you and your family.

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