Friday, May 5, 2017



Upon arriving in any courtroom, introduce yourself to the Judge's Tipstaff and engage them.  Tipstaffs usually have a wealth of information to provide on how things work in a particular courtroom and are usually friendly and eager to provide assistance.

Ask for information on local procedures and preferences of the Judge.

For trials, ask the Tipstaff questions such as how the jury will be brought in for voir dire so you can create a "map" or chart of where the jurors will be seated on your notepad to assist you in keeping their voir dire responses straight.

Also ask the Tipstaff whether the judge prefers sidebars or not, etc. at trial.  If you are in from out of town, Tipstaffs can also recommend a good place for lunch.

Most Tipstaffs will welcome the opportunity to be helpful in this regard which will help to make your court visit a bit less stressful.

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