Monday, December 19, 2016

Tort Talk Scorecards Updated

I have recently updated both the Post-Koken Scorecard and the Facebook Discovery Scorecard on Tort Talk at

These Scorecards can always be freely accessed by going to the Tort Talk blog, scrolling down the right hand column until you get to the title "Post-Koken Scorecard" or "Facebook Discovery Scorecard," and clicking on the dates under those titles to get to the pages listing the various cases under these novel, evolving areas of law.

Here is a quick LINK to the Post-Koken Scorecard for your easy reference.

Here is a quick LINK to the Facebook Discovery Scorecard for your easy reference.

Hoping you can please help me to continue to update these Scorecards by providing me with copies of any Orders or Opinions you may secure in Post-Koken matters or with respect to Facebook/Social Media discovery or admissibility issues.  The publication of these decisions, whether favorable or not, will help to educate the bench and the bar on the developing common law in these new areas of litigation until appellate guidance is received to lay some of the issues to rest.

Thank you,

Dan Cummins

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