Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vote on Question of Raising Judicial Retirement Age Moved to November

Here is a LINK to an April 12, 2016 Legal Intelligencer article by Ben Seal entitled "Vote on Judicial Retirement Age Delayed" which confirms that the Pennsylvania Legislature has voted to move the public vote on this issue from the April, 2016 primary date to the General Election date in November, 2016.

The reasons behind the delaying of the vote appears to be two-fold.  The legislators appear to want to fine tune the question set to appear on the ballot to make it more consistent with the proposed constitutional amendment on the retirement age for judges and to make the language of the question clearer to the voters.

Also, it has been noted that many Pennsylvania voters are not registered as Democrats or Republicans and, as such, those voters may be unaware that they have the right to vote in the primary election in any event relative to the ballot question on the required judicial retirement age.

Accordingly, as of now, the ballot question will appear on the November 8, 2016 ballot for the General Election.

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