Monday, November 25, 2013

Judge Robreno of Eastern District of PA Denies Limited Tort Summary Judgment Motion

In its recent decision in the case of Peterman v. Sakalauskas, No. 11-CV-6265 (E.D. Pa. Oct. 10, 2013 Robreno, J.), Eastern District of Pennsylvania Judge Eduardo C. Robreno denied a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the Defendant in a limited tort case.  

The motion was denied as the court found that genuine issues of material fact existed as to whether the Plaintiff’s alleged injuries were serious enough to breach the limited tort threshold.  

The Plaintiff allegedly sustained multiple permanent disc bulges and sprains to the neck and back.   The Plaintiff asserted that these medical issues resulted in decreased employment opportunities and limitations in her ability to perform a job due to the the fact that she was allegedly unable to use her hands fully.  The Plaintiff also alleged that her social life was impacted as well.  

The Court's Opinion in the Peterman case can be viewed HERE and the companion Order HERE.

Source:  "Court Summaries" by Timothy L. Clawges, Pennsylvania Bar News (November 4, 2013).

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