Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amicus Briefs Filed for Pennsylvania Defense Institute in Two Separate Post-Koken Venue Cases

I recently filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of the Pennsylvania Defense Institute in two separate matters appealed up to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Wissinger v. Brady out of Luzerne County and Sehl v. Neff out of Philadelphia County.

Both of of these appeals revolved around the same central issue of the proper venue for post-Koken motor vehicle accident cases in which negligence claims against the defendant driver are joined with claims against the underinsured (UIM) motorist carrier defendant.

In each Brief, I joined the appellee-tortfeasor defendant in an argument against the injured party's contention that such claims could be filed in any county because the UIM insurance company conducted business in all counties of the Commonwealth.

No argument date has been set yet in either matter.

Should you wish to review the Amicus Briefs filed (perhaps they will help you in your research efforts if you are faced with a similar issue), please scroll down the right hand column of this blog to the label "My Published Articles" and locate the two briefs inside the box. Once you click on the title of the briefs there it should take you to the online site where you should be able to review and/or print out the Briefs.

Again, the Briefs are essentially identical and I believe the Brief in Sehl, which was the second one I did, came out in a more focused, tighter fashion in terms of the legal argument. That would be the one I would suggest you review if you are interested.

Last but not least, I highly recommend that you consider signing up to use It's a free, easy-to-set-up-and-use online portal for you to display your written legal work to the public. It's a great way to increase your online exposure and allow potential clients to view your work product in other matters, whether it be articles or briefs. Here's a link to the site:

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